JACKSONVILLE, Florida — We've all been there. You're at one of your favorite breweries, having fun and suddenly you need something to eat. Unless you are at one of the few breweries with a kitchen or an arrangement with a nearby restaurant, you're leaving for someplace with food.

Four friends, including two chefs and a food safety expert, ran into this very problem while on a Jax Brew Bus trip. 

"We ate something beforehand, but by the time we got to the last brewery, we were pretty hungry (only one of the three stops had food onsite, and it was the first one we went to)," says Heather Schatz, BrewBox Co-founder and Spokesperson. "So, the conversation turned to what we could do to change this, and that, in turn, became our 'aha' moment."

This sparked the creation of BrewBox Foods, which hopes to fill the need for food at a location that has none. But not just any food! They provide 'craft chews for craft brews.'

BrewBox Foods
Offering beer friendly foods like House made chips, to craft breweries who don't have a food option.
BrewBox Foods

"We realized there was a need that we could fill, both for the breweries and their customers," Schatz adds."If we could help the breweries offer premium fresh food in a turnkey manner, customers wouldn’t need to leave in search of it, and could stay longer - to hopefully enjoy more beers."

The breweries will order their food several times a week as needed and BrewBox will deliver the food. 

At this point, there are five local breweries signed up for the service and Hyperion Brewing Co. will be the first to launch starting on Friday. The BrewBox gals will be there to offer samples of their foods.

Veterans United Craft Brewery is the next launch next Friday and then later this month Bold City Brewing Downtown and Southern Swells Brewing will add the service. Tabula Rasa Brewing will join in September. 

UPDATE: The Posting House in San Marco has also signed up for the service and launches August 16.

As far as the food offerings, they have caprese skewers, roasted garlic and kalamata olive hummus, salsa and chips, house-made chips, cheese boards, charcuterie boards, and sun-dried tomato and ale pimento cheese spread.

"Our menu items will change throughout the year, but are designed to be a healthier, more artisanal take on traditional bar foods, and compliment the craft beers our brewery partners serve," says Schatz.

It's nice to see foods that can satisfy the desire for beer food with fresh takes. 

"The BrewBox Foods’ team loves food and craft beer, and the ways in which they tend to bring people together to build community - especially here in Jacksonville...we are thrilled to hopefully play a small role in that."

Cheers to that!


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