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Mom Squad: DIY Mother's Day gifts

Looking for a great gift you can make for mom? Or maybe you want to create a Mother's Day project with your kids? Maureen Kyle shares four easy crafts you can do.

CLEVELAND — We've joked about how there aren't any kid craft Mother's Day gifts coming home from school this year -- but that doesn't mean we will go without! Maybe this year, we can sit with our little ones, create the gift ourselves and get something we will love. 

Maureen Kyle shows us four easy projects any kid can do...

Kids are always drawing pictures of their family, but this year, have them put it on canvas so you can keep it forever! Craft stores are fulfilling curbside orders, and for right around $5 you can get a two pack of artist canvases. If you’re afraid of the mess, try acrylic paint crayons, which will run you $14.

Macaroni necklaces are out this season! Instead, you can order great beads from the craft stores, too. A package is only a few dollars and with a thin string of elastic, you and your kids can make custom bracelets and necklaces for mom.

Every parent loves those little hand prints! Now, you can keep them forever by creating paper flowers from construction paper and pipe cleaners. Watch the video above to see how to trace their hands and twirl them into flowers.

And finally, since spas are closed, mix up your own face mask! All it takes is a 3" piece of cucumber, a tablespoon of aloe, ¼ cup of yogurt blended in a food processor and then add a ¼ cup of oats. Apply on your face and relax!

Happy Mother's Day!


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