Is it really over?

I have been making sack lunches for the past 23 years. Today I made my last one. There. I said it.

My youngest daughter will graduate next week and today was her last full day of high school. No more days watching my kids walk out the door carrying a brown bag filled with food. And filled with love.

I'll be honest. As a working parent, sometimes packing food that hadn't expired the week before equaled success. Keeping my head above water as a young working mom wasn't always easy.

As the years went by, I got creative. I'd surprise my girls with crazy cookies. I'd pack sandwiches cut out to look like hearts. I'd scribble fun notes on a napkin.

When my girls got older, they certainly could have made their own lunches. But it was always something I wanted to do. My dad was in charge of making lunches for me and my six brothers and sisters when we were young. I wanted to carry on the tradition.

The tradition ended today with a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Yes, I told my high school senior I needed a moment.

Because this part of her life. And mine. Ends.

I scribbled a note on a napkin: "Love, mom"

Carolyn Mungo is the Executive News Director for WFAA.