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Attorneys for Camden County woman killed during search warrant call for federal probe into her shooting death

Latoya James was shot and killed inside her cousin's home. Camden County deputies were conducting a drug-related search warrant in May 2021.

CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga. — Police body cameras were rolling the moment gunshots rang out as Camden County deputies entered Varshan Brown's home, carrying out a drug related search warrant In May 2021.

Brown's cousin, Latoya James, was also there.  She was shot and killed, and her attorneys are calling for a federal probe into her death.

"Latoya was innocent in all aspects of this case, there was no subject search warrant related to her," said Harry Daniels, who is representing her estate.

It's unclear who shot and killed James and Daniels says the Department of Justice should find those answers.

"You have a video showing these officers reaching this door, not even giving these people time to even open their mouth and answer, 'Hold on. One second. We coming.' They didn't give them a chance to make verbal responses before they kicked down the door," Daniels told First Coast News.

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Latoya James was killed on May 4, 2021, when she was caught in the middle of a Woodbine drug bust.

Earlier this year, the district attorney decided not to charge the deputies involved in the shooting. We reached out to the district attorney for comment about a possible DOJ investigation, but we have not heard back.

"There's no charges brought against the deputies, so the form of justice that we can take on now is by filing a federal lawsuit," he said.

Daniels plan to file a $25 million lawsuit on Monday, but he didn't say who it would be against. 

Daniels says James' death is similar to the 2020 death of Breonna Taylor in Louisville. Both women were killed during a search warrant.

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