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More than 100 dogs under quarantine after confirmed case of pneumovirus at Jacksonville animal shelter

Quarantine should last for at least two weeks

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A respiratory virus was confirmed at the City of Jacksonville's animal shelter, Animal Care and Protective Services. 

Roughly 130 dogs were placed in quarantine. Officials say the quarantine should last for about two weeks. 

The disease is called "pneumovirus" and the city said it's rare at the facility.

Lynn Lamarourux works with animals for a living. She's the owner of the Sunland Acres Pet Boarding and Grooming. 

"This is really unfortunate time for this to happen," Lamarourux said.

She said the virus and the mandatory quarantine would make adopting and sheltering animals more difficult. The shelter is not accepting strays at the moment. 

"It just ends up accelerating the problem and having too many dogs on the street that don't have options of where they can go," Lamarourux added. 

Pneumovirus is not treatable with a vaccine. Common symptoms are similar to other diseases including: fever, rapid breathing, coughing and sneezing. Severe cases can lead to contracting pneumonia. 

Fortunately, First Coast News was told the virus has not spread outside the shelter. Pet owners are suggested to keep their distance from other dogs. 


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