Imagine coming home tired from a long day’s work and wanting to relax only to find out that's impossible because you have a huge gator hanging out on your doorstep. 

That was the shocking reality for one Middleburg man on Saturday morning, who said the sight of a 6 foot 5-inch gator was a real wake up call.

Michael Prestridge said he came home from a 10-hour shift from his job at the Amazon Fulfillment Center and found a gator just relaxing on his doorstep.

"I was real tired as I walked toward my door but that didn't last very long," Prestridge said. "A short run woke me right up." 

He quickly called the police who got in contact with a trapper to come out and remove the gator.

Prestridge believes that because of the gator's size and complaints made by other neighbors in his area that the gator may have been put down.

"I think that [the gator] was becoming too much of a danger to people the way it has been causing damage to the neighborhood," he said. "I'm sure they want to lean to the side of public safety, although I do feel bad for the little guy."