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Bird scares off alligator in Florida video

People on social media have voiced their respect and fear after a video shows a sandhill crane intimidating an alligator back into the water in Florida.

SARASOTA, Fla. — See you later, alligator! A video from Florida has garnered both fear and respect from social media users as it shows a sandhill crane scaring an alligator back into the water in Sarasota.

The video, posted to the Unseen Florida Facebook page by Laura Akin, shows the alligator crawling out of the water between neighborhood ponds when it is confronted by a sandhill crane, an infamously fearless bird.

The crane spreads its wings in defiance as the alligator approaches, triggering a standoff between the two as the crane slowly inches towards the motionless alligator.

Finally, after a tense few moments, the alligator turns tail and dives back into the water.

Many Facebook users have voiced their admiration for the undaunted avian in comments on the post, with one commenter describing sandhill cranes as a whole as "gangster".

Many other commenters were quick to agree, telling their own stories of the cranes facing off against alligators or even squaring up to cars on the road.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, sandhill cranes can reach a height of nearly four feet with a wingspan of over six feet.

Clearly this is one bird that's no chicken.

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