JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Many online shoppers are turning to Amazon’s self-service lockers to pick up their holiday packages.

Larry Gallo said the process is easy and safer than traditional mailing methods.

“There have been problems in the past with people stealing packages from my neighborhood, so this is a better alternative and it’s convenient to use,” Gallo said.

According to Amazon, the service is free and offers 24-hour customer service.

“First, Amazon sends you a locker code, then after making a purchase, you can choose the locker location and it takes less than two minutes to pick it up,” he said.

Riverside resident Brent Andrews, said he’s had a package stolen from his home before and is looking to use the service as well.

“Amazon had my order replaced at no cost but I still think for more expensive items the locker service is a good idea,” Andrews said.

Amazon lockers are located in 13 locations across Jacksonville.