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You don't have to deal with coronavirus social isolation alone

Loneliness is getting worse because of social isolation brought about from the coronavirus. You're not alone because others feel the same.

We've been dealing the corona virus for several weeks now. And now, the stay-at-home orders extended until April 30th, many people are feeling even more isolated. Unfortunately, dealing with the social isolation can have devastating impact. particularly those with mental illness. 

The longer the social isolation is in effect, the more difficult it is to tolerate. This isolation is something like almost no one has experienced before. Even though there's hope that it'll end April 30th, you can curb some of the loneliness by reaching out to others daily. Don't wait for them to call or Facetime you. Mimic your offline life online. Facetime a friend while you're out walking so you both can enjoy nature. Or, if you normally get together for dinner then you both can cook in your respective homes on Facetime and then eat dinner together. Many times people will think you're okay if you look okay. This happens because no one can see your internal state. They don't know what you're really feeling.'

If you're still feeling lonely after spending time virtually with people then call a person who you're close to and tell them what you're feeling and what you need. If you get to a point where you're feeling hopeless then call a suicide prevention helpline. It's a sign of strength to call. The helpline will have the resources and specially trained staff to help you. No matter what you think, you're not alone. Many other people feel the same way, but many don't share how they're feeling. And because no one is talking, you feel like you're the only one. Reach out to someone. You're loved. During difficult times it's okay to rely on people. People are more understanding when they know what you're going through. 

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