Ever wanted to go to mermaid school? A company here on the First Coast is offering people the chance to learn all the ins-and-outs of being an actual mermaid!

Squatch and Siren has partnered with FinFun to offer a Mermaid University for both children and adults on the First Coast.

In the Mermaid University, participants will first learn to be mermaid tail ready. In this process they will learn the mermaid safety rules and the quick release method. After becoming mermaid certified, they will begin to swim in a mermaid tail.

A few of the different classes that they will be offering include:

  • Mermaid 101 (Basic mermaid class, for children)
  • Mermaid Boot Camp (for adults who want to get in shape while having a great time!)
  • Mermaid Exercise Course for Children

The company says that some of the Mermaid classes will function much like a private swim lesson. For these lessons, parents can utilize their community or personal pool. 

Don't miss this Mermazing opportunity! 🧜‍♀️

 Find out more on www.squatchandsiren.com