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Learn the ropes of beekeeping at White Harvest Farms

The Herban Bee is offering a hands-on internship.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — White Harvest Farms and the Herban Bee have teamed up to continue growing food security across the First Coast in a fun and interesting way. 

Mika Hardison-Carr, the owner of Herban Bee, got her start as a gardener. 

“I was literally going from flower to flower to perform the task that bees do naturally. In order to kind of come out of that and get more into gardening, free up some more time, I got my first hive," said Hardison-Carr.

Now, Hardison-Carr is working to share her passion with the community. 

“The thing that I would like people to get from this is the ability to be self-sustainable, to be able to provide a portion of your own food to your family," Hardison-Carr said.

Herban Bee and White Harvest Farms are offering a season-long beekeeping internship.

“If you have land, if you don’t have land, if you live in an apartment, if you live in a condo, and if you don’t really have a lot of knowledge, or if you do: a community apiary is a place you can come, and we beekeep together for the whole season," Hardison-Carr said. 

The bee internship starts in April and ends in October. Participants are required to purchase a $200 bee suit, but everything else is included.  

“You go through an entire season, and at the end of that season you are definitely equipped to take your knowledge and skillset and perform that process anywhere," Hardison-Carr said. "Or if the land is an issue for you, or you may not have a particular place to house bees or live in an area that's a little, too congested for that to work out practically, then you can always keep your bees here at the community apiary."

An informational Zoom will take place on March 24 at 6 p.m. You can find the link by clicking here

To register for the internship click here

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