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Ripples of inspiration reach Florida School for the Deaf and Blind after CODA's historic night at the Oscars

Lucabella Bonanno White is a deaf student at the school. She says CODA has inspired belief in her that she can achieve her dreams of being an interior decorator.

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — It was a historic night at the Oscars for the deaf community as film 'CODA'  took home three Academy Awards. 

CODA is an acronym that stands for child of deaf adult(s). Coda is typically used to refer to a hearing person who has a deaf parent or parents, or a deaf guardian or guardians. 

The movie focuses on a teenager who acts as the ears for her deaf parents as she balances helping the family business and pursuing her own career in music. 

The film inspired a deaf student at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind in St. Augustine.

"When I think both of the parents were talking about their daughter and the music and the voicing, and they couldn't hear that, I really related to that because it doesn't matter if you're speaking or signing the applause that's a big part of it," said Lucabella Bonanno White.

Bonanno White says she has dreams of one day becoming an interior designer, a career that requires a lot of communication. But, after seeing deaf actor, Troy Kotsur, win the Academy Award for best supporting actor Sunday night, it gave White some extra motivation.  

"It gave me even more hope for sure, having Troy to look up to, yea I feel like I can do it...deaf people can do that and that's my goal," Bonanno White said. 

CODA won awards for best picture, best supporting actor and best adapted screenplay.

The Apple TV movie was the first streaming service movie to win best picture.


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