JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- You could always find Kent Bell on the sidelines at University of North Florida basketball games, keeping score for the Ospreys in his own unique way.

What made Bell unique is he was born without arms or legs.

Sadly, in December, he passed away from kidney disease. Saturday, he was remembered, not for the points he helped put on the scoreboard, but the hearts he touched.

"Kent truly loved everyone, and he always saw the good in everybody," said Matthew Driscoll, UNF head basketball coach.

Some people might say Bell was born with the odds against him. But, if you ask anyone, they will tell you Bell knew why he was placed on this earth.

"He said since God's got my back, I accept my condition and I'm going to go forward with the attitude that God has given me to be a witness in this world with my life," said Rev. John Paul Chestnut, Bell's stepfather.

We first introduced you to Kent Bell last November from the sidelines of UNF basketball games. A man born without any limbs who let no obstacles stand in his way.

Bell knew at the time he had stage five kidney disease.

"I know what my fate is, and so I've accepted that... and there's no fear in accepting death," said Bell in a previous interview.

Even during that painful time, he was still thankful for his life.

"When I open my eyes, the first thing I do is say thank you," said Bell.