A new study reveals, despite countless warnings, parents are still placing their babies in positions and with objects that can cause sudden infant death syndrome.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says about 3,500 infants die suddenly each year. There have been campaigns such as “Back to Sleep” to warn parents the dangers of the dangers of putting infants to sleep on their stomachs and having crib items that could harm the baby such as blankets, pillows or even bumpers.

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The new study published in Pediatrics says that while past studies have relied on surveying parents, this one used video cameras, with parents’ knowledge, to record what was happening at home.

The findings that most of all the parents incorrectly put their child to bed were disturbing.

The current recommendation for putting a baby to sleep safely is on their back, with absolutely nothing in the crib, including bumper pads, pillows and loose bedding.