They started in local farmers markets and now their food is on store shelves. It's a small company that maybe you've never heard of, but there's a good chance you've enjoyed their fresh products.

Shai and Charlotte Tzabari own a small pickle factory in an industrial park on St. Augustine Road with a unique name.

"She woke up one morning, she says. I got it "olive my pickle!" Shai explained.

"It came from the universe," said Charlotte.

The idea came from Shai's grandparent's kitchen. They immigrated to Israel during World War II to escape the Holocaust. His grandparents taught him salt water brine fermentation, a practical way, he says, to preserve fresh vegetables.

"Being as a kid sitting there and watching them it was just like science. But today, it's coming alive again like all those memories and the's come back and it's amazing to bring it back to life after 35 years," Shai said.

"Olive My Pickle" was brought to life in 2010. The husband and wife team started by selling pickles and olives from wooden barrels at farmers markets in Jacksonville. Now, their products are in stores like Whole Foods, Native Sun and Earth Fare.

"We ferment pickles, we don't make pickles. We create a good probiotic pickle that is good and healthy for your gut," Shai said.

Charlotte moved here from California and Shai came from Israel. They decided to make Jacksonville their home and they're glad they did. In 2015, Shai was named the Jax Chamber Small Business Leader of the Year.

"Jacksonville, it's a great place to raise a family, to start a business, building and buying a house, great schools systems and great communities," Shai mentioned.

Shai and Charlotte say Jacksonville will always be home as they continue to expand.

"Our number one goal is to be the fermented pickle company in the Southeast and we're going to do that first in Florida and then branch out to the other southeastern states," Charlotte said.

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