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What kids can learn from parents dealing with coronavirus fall out

Kids learn ways to cope with severe stress by watching parents deal with the coronavirus fall out. What to be aware of.

The economic and emotional impact of the coronavirus pandemic is undeniable. And parents want to put on a brave face for their kids. But, the reality is that a family's way of life could change drastically for a little while. And kids are bound to notice. 

Parents worry about stressing out their children and that's why they're hesitant to talk their kids about it. With younger kids, a basic understanding is appropriate. For older kids like high schoolers, there's no hiding what's happening. They'll pick up on what you're not saying. For all kids, you want to have a positive attitude because you all will pull through this in one way or another. 

With older kids, you decide what you feel comfortable to share. Realize that teens can understand economic problems. Think about them figuring out how to make money and working after school. So they're already thinking economically. You don't want to scare your kids, but you do want them to be aware. Also, if you chat with your kids then they're learning how to identify and solve problems that eventually they'll have to do anyway. You're paving the way by showing them your process.

Lead by example. Take care of yourself. Your kids are going to see how you handle the stress, social isolation and money challenges. The way you handle the crisis will influence how your kids respond and deal with problems later. Be sure to take care of yourself: sleep, eat, exercise. Find healthy ways to deal with stress. 

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