A Jacksonville tattoo shop is offering discounted tattoos and piercings as a way of celebrating Friday the 13th.

The Riverside Social is offering ink and piercings for only $13, but there's a catch, you can't get anything custom and will have to choose from a list of designs.

Also, the business says that they aren't posting a picture of the available designs to choose from.

If you're willing to take a risk, they are talking walk-ins all day long.


  • $13 small black and grey
  • $26 small color
  • $40 large color


  • $13 Piercings - Nose, Naval (belly button) Labret, Monroe, Medusa, single outer ear piercings.
  • $26 Piercings-Nipples, Tragus, Industrial, Daith, Rook, Septum.

The shop will only be tattooing arms and legs only with no changes and no additions.  

ADDRESS: 917 King St., Jacksonville, Florida, 32204.

For more information click here.