You’ve heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, but for Hope Haven’s annual calendar benefiting Down Syndrome Center, the pictures are worth much more.

A clear blue sky, vintage cars and chic outfits. It’s like taking a step back in time for a photo shoot unlike any other.

Photographer Sarah Hedden does more than just snap pictures. She coaxes personality out of every child.

“They exude joy and happiness and love and I just feel how lucky am I to capture that through my lens and share it with the world because we need this," Hedden said.

Looking dapper in the Hollywood glam theme, Liam Smith poses in his third calendar. His mother Shenera finds the project heartwarming.

“I’m just proud, he’s my baby and he’s being showcased to everybody which he should be," Smith said.

Hope Haven’s Terri George says the photos also share space with helpful information and resources for families with Down Syndrome children.

“You give someone a calendar, it’s something they’re likely to hold onto all year long," George said.

Parents of Penelopee Magnusson said the pearl-wearing 10-year-old is focused on what she can do --not what she can't.

“This calendar is just so important to us because it gives awareness and gets our kids pictures out there and lets people see them in a different light than people normally see them,” mom Joni Magnusson said.

The calendar will be available in the fall for $15.

Proceeds go to Hope Haven’s Down Syndrome Center.

You can learn more about the calendar and purchase it by clicking here.