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Bright Spot | Aunt Ashley enjoys the simple things

Keep it simple. Absorb the simple joys. And don't feel guilty you aren't Mary Poppins.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — Don't feel guilty. You don't have to be Mary Poppins around your house during this pandemic.

Instead, slow down. Focus on the simple things.  

Ashley Owen says her 4-year-old bright spot is Aaliyah Davis, who's actually a cousin. But the two are so close, she may as well be "Aunt Ashley."

"Every day she is a bundle of joy," Owen says.

Aunt Ashley isn't a trained mental health expert or a Ph.D. psychologist. 

But that's okay.

Credit: Owen family

She speaks from the heart. And maybe it will help you see the simple things, as Owen does each day with Aaliyah.

"She'll carry on a full conversation with her Barbies. She'll tell them what they're doing right.  What they're doing wrong," Owen says.

Owen's husband, a jet mechanic, who spent years working on the F/A-18's of the Blue Angels, likes to run and chase Aaliyah in the grass. Owen says just seeing that made her happy.

Credit: Owen

"When people see kids smiling and kids laughing, it makes them laugh," Owen says. "So I just wanted to share with everyone." 

Who doesn't need a bright spot now? It can come from everyday "stuff."