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What is Wordle? A look at the increasingly popular online game

It's all over social media, people posting odd sequences of color-coded boxes, all a part of an online word game called Wordle.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Maybe you’ve noticed all these mysterious color-coded boxes popping up on social media: odd numbers, strange results.

It's all a part of a new game people are playing and sharing with each other on social media outlets like Twitter.

It’s called Wordle, an online only word game that hundreds of thousands are playing every day.

It’s a word guessing game, very similar to the television game show "Lingo."

You have six attempts to guess a five-letter word of the day. 

A yellow square means you have that letter correct. A green square means you have it correct and it’s in the right spot.

But there’s a catch: You only get to play it once per day.

When you get the word right, you get the option to share your results online. 

So that color-coded box is just another way to flex on your haters online.

Still don't understand? That's OK, neither did the author of this story, until he tried it once. He's certain that'll be the same for you as well. 

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