While she is a dedicated hard worker, she also loves to travel. Whether she’s making snow angels in Germany, splashing around in the beautiful blue waters of Spain, taking the elevator straight to the top of the Eiffel Tower, or getting “diva’fied” to attend a big awards show in L.A., she makes connections wherever her travels take her.

If you have the opportunity to meet Henny over a cup of coffee, you’ll be amazed at how she intuitively connects with you on an intimate level. Her colorful personality will leave a lasting impression. In fact, it’s these personal connections that fuel her seemingly endless supply of energy and ideas. Born and raised in a small city in Louisiana with just over 10,000 people, Henny says Eunice will forever be in her heart, “I never forget where I came from, that’s where all this fabulousness started.” Needless to say, she is a New Orleans Saints fan with a passion for handbags, fabulous clothing, and shiny things!

Henny’s message is authentic. As a graduate of Life University, she’s been there, done that. Henny’s passion is to continue serving her local church and community.

“We should all feel obligated to give back in some way. We all started from somewhere and most times it’s the bottom, myself included. Life is about Choices, Chances and Changes; let’s make the best of them!”

Best thing about life on the First Coast: Diversity! There is always something to do no matter what your lifestyle or taste is; whether it’s the arts, dining or the fabulous beaches. This area is filled with African American history like the Ritz Museum, American Beach and Black Heritage Trail just to name a few. This place is poppin! It is a great place for a Diva to uphold her status.