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Meet one of the world's greatest archers: a 15-year-old from Florida

At the Vegas Challenge, Bodie Turner beat dozens of professionals to win $50,000 the day after he turned 15. #k5evening

EATONVILLE, Wash. — Most 15-year-old boys can only dream about becoming a world champion
But earlier this year, at the Vegas Shoot, Eatonville's Bodie Turner was aiming his bow and arrow at a target 20 meters away, just one shot from winning $50-thousand.

"A 10 looks like it could take it all," an announcer whispered into his microphone, while in the stands, Bodie's father Joel Turner already knew what would happen.

"I know exactly what Bodie's going to do," Turner said, reliving the day. "And I know exactly what's going through his mind."

It's no exaggeration to say Joel Turner has been training his son for this moment all his life.

"Bodie was born in 2007 and the day that he was brought home there was a bow in his crib with him," Turner said. "At four years old Bodie is doing demonstration shooting for me in front of crowds of up to hundreds of people."

A retired police officer and SWAT team sniper, Turner founded SHOT IQ to teach his target shooters and hunters how to concentrate in high-stress situations.

"The problem is that a lot of people get frustrated because the human mind is working against you every step of the way in shooting," Turner said.

It's a windy afternoon in a backyard swarming with 3-D targets and Bodie Turner calmly and methodically shoots arrow after arrow at a target 50 yards away.

"A lot of things I've learned from my dad," Bodie Turner said. 

Lessons passed down across his entire lifetime.

"Bodie is a very calm person," his father said. "If you couple that calmness with knowledge on how to control your conscious mind then you become a very effective shooter."

"I know what I can do it's just a matter of being able to do it," the Eatonville High School freshman said. "It's something I've fine-tuned after so many years."

Those many years all lead up to this moment a day after Bodie's 15th birthday. The stands are packed with archery fans at the largest professional indoor tournament in the world.

Deep inside, Bodie will admit to shaking a bit, but he is the picture of perfect calmness as he draws back his bow, releases the arrow, and hits a bullseye worth $50,000. 

"It was amazing," Joel Turner said. "I mean I've never cried so much in my life."

Turner ran across the range to give his son a hug as the crowd chanted "Bodie! Bodie! Bodie!" The announcer told viewers, "Bodie's dad's a coach. Obviously, his techniques are working."

In the world of archery, Bodie Turner has become an overnight sensation. A week earlier, Turner finished third in the Lancaster Archery Classic where, in qualifying, he became the third person to ever shoot a perfect score.

"He's considered one of the best archers on the planet," Joel Turner said. "Literally."

Credit: The Vegas Shoot
In a ten-day span, Bodie Turner takes home $70,000 in award money after winning The Vegas Shoot and coming in third at The Lancaster Archery Classic.

That's a title Bodie Turner will have to defend and that means many more days spent shooting arrows in the backyard with his dad.

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