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Wake Up & Save: Cut hundreds of dollars from your daily coffee routine

The National Coffee Association found Americans drink about three cups of coffee a day. How much are you spending on java?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — Many of you start your mornings with a cup of coffee.

The National Coffee Association completed one of their most comprehensive surveys of Americans and found 62 percent drink coffee every day and the average American drinks more than three cups per day. 

If you aren't making your cup of joe from home, you're probably forking over hundreds in cash for some caffeine.

Even if you indulge in a coffee-shop beverage three times a week, that can add up to 780 dollars a year. I looked at multiple studies and people spend on average anywhere from 700 to more than 1,000 dollars a year on this brown bean liquid we love.

If you chose to invest that money instead, Nerd Wallet's Roth IRA calculator shows me that could add up to more than 120,000 over 40 years. So let’s put our money where our mouth is and find a way to save on coffee.

You already know the answer. Making your own coffee is better for your wallet. But by how much?

A pack of ground coffee from Café Bustelo costs 2.89. This Florida made coffee is a great way to save big. A package can make about ten 8 oz cups of coffee, varying based on strength of coffee. 

This coffee would only cost 28 cents a cup. If you want to get fancier, you can still save money.

Starbucks, as well as other name brands, sell pre-made iced coffee in grocery stores. Starbucks for example is $4.99 for 48 fl oz. It equals six 8 ounce cups of coffee which costs about 83 cents a cup. 

If you want to splurge in store, download your go-to coffee shop’s app. Most places offer rewards and free drinks after a certain amount of spending.