JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- You can't pass by this intersection in San Marco at Hendricks and Nira without noticing the bold "V." It overhangs five other letters synonymous with a little bliss and comfort during your one-hour lunch break.

But for awhile, laughter here in the kitchen is replaced with a truth that no matter how many people you've made smile with your famous meatball sauce.

Life can change with a prognosis, Paul Scott an owner of V Pizza, remembers when he heard the news about his youngest son Charlie.

"Every parent, whether they talk about it or not has imagined it but you never say it out loud and all I can say it's worse than anything you could ever imagine," he said.

Two months ago, 3-year-old Charlie started walking funny and his knees were hurting. He was later diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

"I'm basically a fixer type person when you can't fix something like this, my wife hold him everyday I can't do that I have nervous energy," Scott said.

Channeling that energy Paul got with his partners.

"I said I cant fix Charlie. I can't cure cancer what can we do to help other families," he said.

What can they do? Well, what they're good at, food. The restaurant now delivers more than 60 Chicken Alfredo and breadsticks meals to children battling the disease.

But giving away free good is only part of Paul's plan, this is where he's taken to social media to build a network of small businesses that have a willingness to help.

So if it's a dog watching company a company that grooms dogs or house cleaners that want to donate their services at least once --to a family with a child battling cancer.