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The Buzz: Video calls result in spike of cosmetic surgery consultations amid coronavirus pandemic

Doctors say as people are taking part in video chats for work, they're becoming more self-conscious about their faces.

If you're one of many Americans working from home, by now you're likely used to video calls. But, it turns out people aren't so used to looking at themselves on camera and it's taking a toll.

Here's the Buzz: Plastic surgeons told the New York Post they are seeing a spike in consultations for cosmetic procedures.

With friends, family and co-workers depending on virtual platforms to communicate, doctors say people are becoming more self-conscious about their faces. 

Doctors believe the stress of the coronavirus and economic collapse are likely affecting people's appearance.

More and more people are paying a lot more attention to how they look and obsessing over the things they just don't like.

With the majority of cosmetic surgery offices closed amid the pandemic, plastic surgeons are using digital depictions through online consultations. 

Build-A-Bear Workshop Wednesdays

As a parent, keeping the kids entertained during the pandemic can be a challenge. Build-A-Bear Workshop wants to help.

Here's the Buzz: The company is launching Workshop Wednesdays, a virtual resource that provides a variety of activities and ways to stay entertained throughout the week.

Each Wednesday, Build-A-Bear will provide new, and fun things for the whole family, including DIY-craft ideas, coloring sheets, storytime, games and more.

COVID-19 strokes in 30-year-old adults

Doctors are warning that COVID-19 may cause sudden strokes in adults in their 30s and 40s, who are not severely ill.

Here’s the Buzz: Doctors say COVID-19 can cause the blood to clot in unusual ways, resulting in an uptick in strokes among patients who don't typically suffer from them.

Remember the warning signs for strokes: face drooping, arm weakness, and speech difficulty.

Senior Living facility shares special message

Residents from the Benton House Assisted Living facility only want good vibes.

Although they're isolated in their rooms due to the coronavirus, their positivity shines through this video

The staff wanted to put out a reminder for everyone to wash their hands while encouraging people to stay safe.