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The Buzz: Spots to avoid on planes to lower risk of catching COVID-19

The CDC says steering clear of this area will help lower your risk of being infected by the novel virus while traveling.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — If you're planning to fly anytime soon, here’s a tip: steer clear of the bathroom. 

That’s one of the spots on a plane where people have the greatest risk of contracting COVID-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Here’s the Buzz: The bathroom is one of the few confined spaces on a flight where you can bet folks are taking their masks off for a few seconds, and people who are asymptomatic could be spreading the virus.

Keep in mind, on long flights airplane bathrooms may go a long length of time before it's cleaned. Plus, turbulence could result in water or urine spray in the air.

Experts recommend keeping your mask on at all times during your flight to lower your risk of catching COVID-19 while traveling.  

No more check out lines at Whole Foods?

Whole Foods customers will soon be able to avoid checkout lines.

Here’s the Buzz: Amazon is planning to bring the same cashierless technology used at its GO convenience stores to Whole Foods starting next year.

Using cameras and sensors, customers will no longer have to stop and scan their items. This could be a game changer for those grocery shopping, especially as contactless technology becomes more popular amid the pandemic.

Companies give time off for November election

Should employees be given time off to vote in the general election? Many companies are pledging to make it happen.

Here’s the Buzz: Starbucks says its employees will have the flexibility to vote or volunteer at polling places, while Walmart is allowing its employees three hours of PTO to get out and cast their ballot, according to USA today.

Coca-Cola, Twitter, Cisco and Uber plan to give employees the day off.

As the November election draws near, remember your voice is your vote. First Coast News has everything you need to know before heading to the polls, in our election guide.

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