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The Buzz: Rolling Stones threaten to sue President Trump for using song at rallies

“If Donald Trump disregards the exclusion and persists, then he would face a lawsuit," the Stones said.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — The Rolling Stones has threatened to sue President Donald Trump for using their songs without permission at his rallies.

Here’s the Buzz: The British rock legends said in a statement Sunday that their legal team is working with Broadcast Music, INC. to stop the use of their material in trump's re-election campaign.

“If Donald Trump disregards the exclusion and persists, then he would face a lawsuit for breaking the embargo and playing music that has not been licensed,” the Stones said.

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want” has been a popular song at his events. The 1969 classic was played at Trump’s rally in Tulsa, which was criticized for the potential spread of COVID-19, according to the Associated Press.

Recently, other artists have also complained about having their music associated with Trump's events.

NBA jerseys for social justice

The NBA may be allowing players to replace their names on jerseys to make social justice statements.

Here’s the Buzz: This will likely go beyond displaying 'Black Lives Matter,' players may have a jersey with the words 'I Can’t Breathe' or the names of persons who were killed by police officers.

This comes after players feared the restart of the season would take attention away from protests as people demand social change.  

Airlines to ditch social distancing

American Airlines will soon ditch social distancing by booking planes at full capacity.

Here’s the Buzz: Starting July 1, American will no longer leave the middle seat empty.

But, the airline says it will notify customers and allow them to switch to a less packed flight whenever available for no extra cost.

Meanwhile, Delta Airlines will provide its passengers with hygiene kits that include hand sanitizer and masks.

Also, flight attendants for United Airlines will be required to carry a personal thermometer.

Both Delta and United have said they are trying to avoid putting someone in a middle seat.

Krispy Kreme Patriotic Donuts

Although the Fourth of July is days away, people's taste buds are celebrating all over the nation.

Here’s the Buzz: Krispy Kreme rolled out its new patriotic donuts.  

The chain unveiled four flavors: strawberry sparkler, the firework donut, patriotic sprinkles and the let freedom ring donut. 

They are available on the First Coast.