Imagine this – snapping a selfie to prove you're staying home and practicing social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic. It's a thing, as some countries go the extra mile to enforce their quarantine.

Here’s the Buzz: Poland launched an app for its residents under quarantine, who retunred from travelling abroad.

The citizens are required to take a selfie and upload it to the app as proof that they are not outside and isolating themselves in their home.

Violators would be fined $118 and will receive an unexpected visit from the cops.

The app uses GPS technology to keep track of users' locations, to ensure they don't break their quarantine.

Should the U.S. require citizens to upload a selfie to prove they are practicing social distancing? Use #GMJ and chime in!

Amazon tackles price gouging

Amazon is pulling thousands of sellers accused of price gouging from its website, once again.

The company says selling 3,900 accounts violated pricing policies amid the pandemic.

Amazon adds that since earlier this week, it removed more than half a million items.

President Trump signed an executive order Monday, to prevent hoarding and price gouging of supplies.

FBI launches fitness app

If you've ever wanted to train like an FBI agent, you now have chance while practicing social distancing.

Most gyms are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The FBI announced on Twitter that it released a new fitness app.

The app has exercises based on the fitness test agents have to take. But, some are skeptical saying by downloading the app, it may allow the FBI to snoop through their phone.