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The Buzz: People struggle with driving after lockdown, survey says

The study follows numerous cases where some drivers even admitted to forgetting to put on a seat belt.

They say you’ll never forget how to ride a bike once you learn, but for some, apparently driving a car is not like riding a bike.

A surprising number of people are saying they forgot how to drive as cities slowly reopen.

Here’s the Buzz: 20 percent of people scraped their wheels on a curb the first time they were behind the wheel after lockdown, according to a survey carried out by Hyundai.

Twelve percent admitted to forgetting which side their gas tank was on, while four in 10 motorists hadn’t visited a gas station in nearly a month.

The study follows numerous cases where some drivers even admitted to forgetting to put on a seat belt and not checking their side mirrors.

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Scammers after contact tracers

Contact tracers are in high demand as the nation continues to battle COVID-19. But, scammers are trying to take advantage of folks looking for a job.

Here's the Buzz: The Florida Attorney General warns scammers are reportedly posting fake ads and promising generous salaries.

They're asking people to send personal information to be considered. Experts say you should never give out information to someone you don't know.

Remember, if a job seems too good to be true, it probably is.

NFL pro's encounter with bears

A former Chicago Bear meets up with real bears and it was quite a sight.

Here’s the Buzz: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, safety for the Dallas Cowboys was riding his scooter when he spotted two bears.

The six-year NFL pro dropped his scooter without question and ran in the opposite direction.

Clinton-Dix shared the surveillance video on his Instagram account with a number of hashtags including, #ImGood and #SafetyFirst.