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The Buzz: NFL stadiums fan capacity to vary by city

On any given Sunday, one stadium might be at 25 percent capacity, and another is at 50 percent capacity, or more.

If you've wondered what NFL stadiums look like this season for football fans, that will likely vary by city.  

Here’s the Buzz: Teams and local governments will decide how many fans are allowed in the stands. It will not be a league decision.

On any given Sunday, one stadium might be at 25 percent capacity and another is at 50 percent capacity or more.

Local businesses will likely advertise with special seating tarps within television camera range to indicate social distancing, according to reports.

In the coming weeks, the NFL is expected to release a set of recommendations for safely reopening stadiums.

Rhode Island name change

A small state looking to make a big change.

Here’s the Buzz: The state of Rhode Island is considering getting rid of the second half of its official name, "The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations".

It's in response to activists' claims that it serves as a painful reminder of slavery.

The name will read as just 'Rhode Island' on government documents and the state seal may also be altered to eliminate the phrase.

Less Fourth of July excitement?

Independence Day is right around the corner but Americans may not be feeling as patriotic this year, which could contribute to less spending.

Here’s the Buzz: A new WalletHub survey reveals 78 percent of people say they'll spend less money this Fourth of July. 

Two-thirds think local governments should not use taxpayer dollars for fireworks displays.

About 40 percent plan on shopping over the holiday, but nearly 75 percent say they will not travel. Only 25 percent say they're keeping their summer plans.

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Credit: WalletHub