A man was arrested after licking items at a Missouri Walmart to mock fears of the coronavirus pandemic.

Here's the Buzz: Cody Lee Pfister is the 26-year-old suspect identified by the Warrenton Police Department in a Facebook post.  

Pfister reportedly posted a video of himself to social media, which has been removed, showing him licking deodorant at Walmart. 

In the video, he wipes his tongue across the packages, and asks, "Who's scared of coronavirus?"

Pfister was arrested and charged with making a terrorist threat. 

The CDC says that a person can contract COVID-19 by touching an object that has the virus on it and then touching their face.

Company criticized for offering employees bonus to work

WeWork is facing criticism for offering its employees a bonus if they come into work amid the coronavirus outbreak.  

The company says employees who feel comfortable working out of the spaces will be given $100 a day, or up to $500 a week through the month of April.

Although WeWork has urged its employees to work remotely, most of its offices will remain open to serve its members.

WeWork is in New York and says the purpose of the bonus is not to entice employees to come into work, but to reward those who do.

Kindergarten teacher surprises students

Social distancing has challenged the world, especially educators.  

One teacher has gone viral after letting her students know just how much she cares, even when they're not in the classroom.

Jean Witt delivered 27 care bags to her students amid the coronavirus pandemic.

She has been teaching for 20 years and says this is her final year before retiring.

Most schools are temporarily closed because of the pandemic and Witt says it’s tough not being able to see her students.

She made them bags filled with sanitized educational games and books and dropped them off to their homes.

Many are praising her online for spreading joy and reminding her students of how much she really cares.

Free kid friendly Amazon shows to watch

If you're in need of kid friendly shows to watch, Amazon is offering free streaming to more than 40 kids shows.

Parents can now access shows like Pete the Cat and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.
Those shows are usually only available behind the prime video paywall, but they're now free to Amazon customers worldwide.

Video chat 'facelift'

Many people are not thrilled with having to see themselves on video chat more often. Now they are finding ways to appear more attractive.

Here’s the Buzz: Zoom has released a ‘touch up’ feature, which allows you to filter your face in real time.

FaceTime doesn't have a that option, but users say holding the camera above your chin instead of below will you give you the best angle.