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The Buzz: Families should 'prepare' for a virtual Thanksgiving, health officials say

Due to schools reopening, holiday travel and more indoor activity, transmission of the virus could increase, officials told the Associated Press.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — It’s not likely the news people want to hear after months of being stuck in quarantine, but health experts say American families should prepare for a Zoom Thanksgiving as the nation continues to fight the spread of COVID-19.

Here's the Buzz: Public health scientists say it may be easier to forecast the weather on Thanksgiving, than to predict how this crisis will play out in the fall.

Due to schools reopening, holiday travel and more indoor activity, transmission of the virus could increase, infectious disease experts told the Associated Press.  

So far, COVID-19 is blamed for more than 180,000 deaths and 6 million confirmed infections in the U.S. Worldwide. The death toll continues to rise.

To avoid another surge in cases, health officials recommend larger families consider having dinner virtually or practice social distancing.

Christmas decorations in...September?

Is it too soon for Christmas decorations? Stores along the First Coast have started putting them on display and it’s only September.

Here’s the Buzz: While many online have chimed in saying due to this year’s unexpected twists and turns, they don’t mind experiencing holiday cheer, there are still some people who feel it’s a bit too soon.

It seems as if Christmas decorations are on display earlier each year, but some would agree – it’s never too early to set the scene for a merry and bright season.

New maternity line for Nike 

Nike has launched its first active wear line for new and expectant mothers.
It’s called Nike M and the products in the maternity line are designed to meet the changing needs of women's bodies before, during, and after pregnancy.

Here’s the Buzz: It includes tights with a foldable wide waistband...a scoop-neck tank making it comfortable for women to nurse, and pieces that can be worn to accommodate a growing belly, or as a nursing cover.

The new items will be available online starting September 17.