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The Buzz: Brands change iconic logos to promote social distancing

People aren't the only ones practicing social distancing. Brands are doing it too.

Many companies are changing their iconic logos to get a message out that social distancing is the key to stop the spread of COVID-19.  

Nike's motto is 'Just do it', and by 'it', the company is referring to social distancing. 

The brand posted an ad to Instagram promoting "staying inside, just for now".

The sports apparel giant isn't the only brand doing this. McDonald's separated its golden arches, and Coca-Cola has even switched its logo. 

The beverage maker normally wants you to share a coke with someone and the logo typically features connected letters, but the letters are spread apart, with the tag line "staying apart is the best way to stay connected."

McDonald's added a new photo.

Target remodeling scaled back

If you've been to Target out by the St. John’s town center, then you've likely noticed they're remodeling the store.

But, the coronavirus is forcing the company to change its construction plans.

The big-box retailer says it will now only remodel 130 stores this year, instead of the 300 it had planned.

It's also only opening 15 to 20 smaller format stores, as opposed to 36.

Target is also pushing back plans to include fresh food and alcohol in its online pickup service.

The company says it is absorbing rising costs, including higher pay for workers.

Surge in DIY projects

Lowe's says it has seen an increase in sales in nearly every store category as customers stock up on cleaning supplies, and also DIY items to help fix up their homes.

The staff has also helped customers with urgent home repairs, delivering refrigerators, fixing leaking pipes or electrical problems.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Lowe's is making special payments of $300 to full-time employees and $150 to part-time employees, while also offering free telemedicine to all employees.