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A drink you can only get at THE PLAYERS is a spicy take on the Arnold Palmer

People were in line ordering cocktails before 9 a.m. as The Players round 1 began.

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. — Rain at THE PLAYERS kept golfers in a delay Thursday, with chances high that weather will impact play on Friday too.

However, the party is not pausing.

It’s like time doesn’t exist on the course. People were ordering tequila cocktails by 9 am.

There is a drink you can only get at THE PLAYERS, and it comes with a kick.

The official drink of the championship is the 'Dobel Diamonte Tee Time.'

According to observations, it’s always tee time. 

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The cool details start before the drink is even poured in the glass.

“We are utilizing some hand cut ice cubes with a jalapeño right in the middle of them, they are custom-made for us," said Montana Kroll, agave specialist with the brand. "They travel with us throughout the tour as well as across the country.”

The bartender describes it as a spicy take on the Arnold Palmer.

“The cocktail includes the Dobel Diamonte tequila, a little bit of green tea, some lemon juice and a little bit of muddled jalapeno," Kroll said. 

"The Dobel Diamante tequila being a mix of reposado and anejo and extra anejo tequilas aged separately in Balkan region oak then blended and double filtered to remove the color so even though it is crystal clear tequila there is still juice in that bottle over 3 years old,' Kroll said. 

Their booth is by the main gate, which is behind hole 17! This year they are also debuting their take on a bloody Mary called the bloody Maria. 

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