Getting a diagnosis of breast cancer can be scary, and for some, it may feel like there's no one around who can truly understand what they're going through. That's why Mayo Clinic honored its breast cancer patients Tuesday with the Sailing to Hope Survivorship breakfast.

At the breakfast, they could talk about their journeys and the tough things they're dealing with and feel a sense of community.

Nurses and patients there say it creates a feeling of positivity that's necessary for beating the disease.

"Instead of meeting in the chemo infusion area or in the operating visiting area, we are meeting in a celebration type of setting," said Sandhya Bihani, a patient at Mayo Clinic.

"This is what we do," said Susan Kane, breast cancer nurse navigator at Mayo Clinic. "We hang together and each one of us are life rafts and we can help each other. That's what the team at mayo clinic is here to do."