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Supporting students learning during COVID-19 crisis

Testing that could help students struggling at home in their virtual classrooms is available during the COVID-19 crisis

A lot of services have been interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic but there's still important testing underway for children who may be struggling in virtual classrooms at home.

One in ten children get diagnosed with ADHD, autism, and other learning needs like dyslexia. And during the COVID-19 crisis when schools are out and unable to provide these tests, it can be concerning to parents wondering if their child needs additional support.

 Psychologist Tracy Alloway says it’s crucial to know your children's developmental needs. Alloway says parents tell her often how frustrated they are and express the need to have the right learning techniques to work with their kids.

"For them being in a small environment being at home and having to work from home and not having that support for their child can exasperate the frustration in the home both for the parents and for the child," Alloway said. "So having a diagnosis, being able to say now I understand what my child needs, now I know they’re not just acting hyperactive- there’s a reason for that."

Using telehealth, groups like Elephant Clinic are able to provide testing and diagnosis during the coronavirus crisis. Click here for testing details.

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