Meet the newest member of the GMJ team.  We call him SteveO and he's one of our Storm Experts. His official title is First Coast News Meteorologist Steve Fundaro. SteveO is joining GMJ Wednesday through Friday anchoring the 4:30 a.m. show and popping up throughout the newscast until 7 a.m. Steve joined the First Coast News team in August of 2017. The Penn State graduate studied meteorology and initially wasn't interested in being on television. He says he was encouraged by just about everyone to avoid television news because of how competitive and challenging it can be. SteveO decided to take on the challenge and made his way into the broadcast world, "I love what I do."

His love for science is evident in his work. SteveO does a segment on GMJ that you can also find online called 'Science with Steve.' Besides science he also enjoys music you can catch his jam session on his social media sites and like Chief Meteorologist Tim Deegan, SteveO enjoys surfing. You might spot the two catching a wave or two at Jax Beach.

SteveO is a native of New Jersey who comes from a big family and says they taught him the value of hard work. You'll often hear him quoting his 91 year old grandfather, Tony. When asked if he has any words of wisdom, SteveO said, "Grandpa Tony taught me to take things one day at a time and to tackle tasks little by little."