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St. Johns County School Board unanimously votes to approve new dress code policy

After months of controversy and international attention, the county's dress code policy will now be changed.

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. — The St. Johns County school board has unanimously voted to approve a new dress code policy Tuesday.

This includes no longer separating different dress code policy sections for boys and girls and removed measurement requirements for shorts, skirts, dresses.

The new policy for shorts, skirts and dresses will now be “mid-thigh.”

Other notable changes:

  • Removes the word lingerie, only included “pajamas” shall not be worn.
  • Straps required on tops and midriff not allowed to be exposed
  • Enforcement will “focus on positive guidance without embarrassment”
  • School advisory council can deviate from dress code requirements
  • Board member adjusted an item so that rips and tears in clothing should not show skin

However, some parents and students are still not happy with the mid-thigh requirement because every student has a different body. 

Paul Abbatinozzi, senior director for school services, says the school board will meet monthly with principals and dean of students at schools. He says they will have data to follow up and revise if and when needed.

**Scroll down to see the new dress code policy in full.

The dress code policy went to a vote Tuesday morning after months of controversy in the county.

One of the dress code issues made international headlines when more than 80 female students at Bartram Trail High School found their yearbook photos edited to cover their chest.

Public records also show a disproportionate number of female students being disciplined for dress code violations. 

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Hundreds of parents and students said the former policy sexualized female students and disproportionately targeted them. A Facebook group for changing the dress code reached more than 1,000 members.

The Senior Director for School Services Paul Abbatinozzi proposed changes to the policy to make the dress code cover “all students” instead of separate sections for girls and boys. The words revealing and modest which were in the previous policy no longer showing up on the proposal. 

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