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Splitting the check: Evenly, or itemized?

Eating out in a group is oftentimes a fun time until the check comes. How do you split up the check?

It's the great debate Wednesday morning! When out to eat with friends, what is the best way to split up the check? Evenly or by item?

Here's the Buzz: Many online are chiming in, saying splitting a check is never fair.

Why? For example, vegetarian meals aren't the same price as meat-centered meals. 

Or what if you're out with a person who orders an $8 beer or a $15 cocktail, yet you had tap water? Does it really seem fair to split the check evenly?

Keep in mind, large cities (Miami, New York City, Atlanta) are known for charging one person for the bill to avoid multiple checks per table. 

Let us know what you do, using #GMJ!