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All registered voters in Duval will see Republicans on the primary ballot for one race - Here's why

No matter what party you are registered with, all Duval registered voters will see Republicans on the primary ballot for the 5th Congressional district.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Primary election day is on Tuesday, August 23. The ballot is usually straight forward.

Whatever party you're registered to-- determines the candidates you'll see on your ballot in the primaries… but things are a bit different this time around. 

Whether you're registered Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or anything else, you will have Republicans to vote for on this primary ballot as well as other important races. These races won't roll over to the November election.

This is called a universal primary. It's for the newly formed fifth congressional district and the people running are Republicans John Rutherford, Leigha Garner-Lopez, and Mara Macie

University of North Florida  Political Science professor Mike Binder explains why these candidates will be on every ballot. 

"In the new Congressional District 4 - John Rutherford's district - because no Democrats or other party candidates have qualified for the ballot, the Republican primary winner is unopposed and therefore would become the next congressman," Binder said. "So because of that, everyone gets to vote in this quote unquote Republican primary."

This race and several others will be decided during the primary.

Other races include the Duval School Board race, the County Referendum to increase property taxes to help increase teachers' salaries, and the Jacksonville Sheriff's race. 

However the Sheriff's race could end up in a runoff down the road if no one wins a majority.

Early voting goes through this Sunday, August 21. You can vote at any precinct whereas on Election Day you have to vote at your designated precinct. 

You can find that information and take a look at a sample ballot at Duvalelections.com.


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