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'Most Instagram-able place in Jacksonville': Selfie Wrld Jax opens, hires workers with special needs

A new business concept opening this weekend in Jacksonville will add some pizazz to your social media and fun to your life.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — Get the camera ready! A new business opening this weekend in Jacksonville will add some pizazz to your social media and fun to your life. 

Selfie Wrld Jax is what it sounds like: a space where you can come be your own photographer.

The owners are thinking bigger picture and want the business to be a safe space for people with special needs.

The business at 11112 San Jose Boulevard has nearly two dozen art exhibit-type spaces with different decorations in each one. It's $20 for an hour and you can do whatever you want.

Owners Assa and Priscilla Maass call it "the most Instagram-able place in Jacksonville."

"It's just the freedom to create and really make something of your own," said Assa Maass. "A DIY photography studio, videography studio. It's almost an art installation combined with social media"

It's right up the Maass's alley. They are content creators who get paid by social media platforms and are best known for their vlog Fathering Autism.

"We have a daughter, Abigail, she's 16 years old," said Priscilla Maass. "She is on the autism spectrum. We thought we could bring something to Jax. There are places that hire special needs individuals, we just thought this would be something fun."

The Maasses hope their business environment shines a light on autism as a whole.

"I think in our community and then we have viewers all across the world," said Priscilla. "So just showing everyone that when you get a diagnosis, it doesn't mean that your life has to stop. It doesn't mean it's the end of the world. You figure out what your path is going to be and then you just move forward."

"It's kind of cool that we can create a whole environment of acceptance and understanding here," said Assa. "Hopefully that'll spread in our community."

It can start with a smile for the camera at Selfie Wrld Jax.

The grand opening is Saturday at noon. Friday is VIP night.

Get your tickets online here.

UPDATE: This concept is not new to Jacksonville. Another business called Selfie Photography opened in February of 2021.

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