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The most Duuuval food for your Jaguars tailgate

Jag-water & a Comeback Cat... ever heard of it?!

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. — We are getting you ready for the best tailgate of the season and really a good party revolves around food.

First, let’s hydrate! A locally made hard seltzer is the perfect shade of teal for game day.

Get your growlers ready! It’s time to roar. 

Brewz in Atlantic Beach is serving up locally owned brewery Aardwolf's Jag-Water. 

“I want to say it came out about a year ago!," owner Brian Slucker said. "It’s a hot seller for sure. People, especially as the Jags are playing, are drinking it to honor them I guess you’d say!”

The bluest water you’ve ever seen at Brewz. Slucker says this gives customers something new to try. 

Aardwolf's website describes the seltzer as blue raspberry and marshmallow flavor. It's sweet but not syrupy.

“It kind of tastes like… for us old enough, a Zima!" Slucker said. "Not everybody loves beer and I want everybody to be able to drink at Brewz. So I’m going to keep it on until it slows down. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel. If it sells well, I keep it!”

Aardwolf's team says they plan on keeping this seltzer around during football season. You can fill up a growler at Brewz or drink there! 

Aardwolf also sells it by the can in the brewery.

When you need something to line the stomach on game day, head down the road to Angie’s Subs, a Jacksonville Beach staple. 

You won’t see it on their normal menu: this special is called the Comeback Cat. The Jaguars inspired sandwich is a $6.99 special with ham, turkey, crunchies (a Fritos-like chip), cheese and their Peruvian sauce baked in the oven.


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