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Jacksonville mom writes children's book on social distancing

The book is listed as the #1 new release in Amazon's children's social science book section.

A Jacksonville mom is hoping to help other parents struggling to explain what is happening in the world to their kids. Many have been home for months now unable to go play with their friends. 

Tara Travieso is a mother to two toddlers, age 2 and 3. She created an imaginary bubble and explained to her kids that if someone gets to close to your imaginary bubble, it will pop. 

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”We were passing people on the street and the kids normally want to run up to someone and pet the dog or pet the cat or whatever it is and I didn’t want them to do that," Travieso said. "The idea of a bubble was just an idea to paint a picture for young kids who love bubbles.”

Travieso wrote her explanation down. After encouragement from family and friends, she published Billie and the Brilliant Bubble: Social Distancing for Children. The illustrations are by Bazma Ahmad

Travieso, who has never been an author before, says writing the book was easy. She just wrote what she tells her daughters Alex and Addison. 

“(I'm) putting a story around what I’ve been doing, which is fun for us, but I’m really hoping it will help other families who are maybe struggling with how to communicate to their kids and teach them how to keep safe space," says Travieso.

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"That’s the goal and if it helps some families move through this troubling unprecedented time, then that is a success," the mom of two says. 

The story is about a little girl, Billie, and her imaginary bubble. Billie explains the bubble and its purpose to her friends. 

”Why do you have an imaginary bubble?" Cameron asked. Billie happily told her new friends about her bubble. 'Each morning when I leave my house I step into my bubble. It keeps me clean, safe, and germ-free during the day. When I go home, I step out of my bubble and wash my hands." 

The children's book also touches on washing hands and masks. Travieso writes about reuniting with grandma and grandpa once it is safe again. 

“Most importantly the bubble keeps me and all the people around me healthy. You see, any germs that I have to stay in my bubble so I don’t get anyone else sick".

You can find the book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble website. It was published on June 23. 

The book is listed as #1 new release on Amazon's children's social science book section.