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JAX to Kansas City flights $500 and up round trip

Looking to bring a little Duuuval to KC? It'll cost you!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — I’m all of a sudden in the mood for some Kansas City Barbecue! 

The Jacksonville Jaguars are heading to Missouri to play the Chiefs on Saturday, at 4:30 p.m. The game is once again airing on NBC. 

We know some of the dedicated Jaguars fanbase is going to try to make it there in person. You can definitely get there, but it is going to cost you! 

Most likely you’ll drop at least a grand for the trip by yourself. This doesn’t happen too often for the Jags so let me guide you to Kansas City.

The heart of Jacksonville is headed to the heart of America. First, do you have tickets? That’ll cost you at least 170 dollars! 

That’s the lowest price on Ticketmaster this morning for section 300s. Pack warm… you’re not in Florida anymore. 

Okay, now let’s figure out how you are getting there. Tickets from Jacksonville are coming up more than $500 round trip no matter if you travel Thursday to Sunday or Friday to Sunday. 

Unfortunately the cheapest flight on Saturday out of Jax is $456 and you won’t even arrive in time for the game.  If you are really looking for a deal, fly the red eye out of Orlando on Thursday night for $179 on Frontier or the nonstop Spirit flight out of Orlando on Thursday for about the same price.

Prices are fluctuating by the hour. I used Google flights and checked with the airline's website directly.

So you get to Kansas City, but where are you going to stay? Hotels are ranging from $100 a night to about $300 a night on average. 

Your best way to save some money is to go the Air BNB route. Most were popping up under $100 a night for the entire place. Check out this spot that will only cost you about $277 from Friday to Sunday.

Last option, and maybe not the worst option, is you can pack up the car with friends and split the 16 hour drive! Fuel Economy government website estimates it’ll cost about $140 in gas on way. 

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