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Jacksonville nurse practitioner writes book on how to use integrative medicine in your daily life

The book takes you week by week guiding you through practices and mantras for healing.

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. — If you’ve ever felt that your chronic pain or illness wasn’t being resolved with medicine alone, a new book might be for you. 

A Jacksonville nurse practitioner has been studying integrative medicine to help people heal. Megan Weigel has culminated her knowledge and practice into an accessible guide to healing.

Her new book Monday Mantras with Megan walks you through the process week by week.

It starts with new beginnings and ends with “I am enough”. Weigel is guiding us through a year worth of mantras and self-help.

“Everyone is scrambling looking for things externally to try to make themselves healthy and feel better and all of it really comes… has to come from inside," Weigel said. "So you can spend thousands of dollars on supplements, lab tests and all of these things but what you really need is to work with people who teach you how to heal what’s inside of you.”

She knows modern medicine as a nurse practitioner. She writes about integrative medicine, which she uses as a supplemental form for medicine. 

It include mantras, yoga, even acupuncture. 

“The book is a combination of a weekly intention which is what I call the mantra, which is a phrase that might help you in your every day and an action," Weigel explained. "That action is a yoga pose or a type of breath or maybe the use of an essential oil.”

For 52 weeks and this book as your guide, Weigel hopes people with a range of medical and mental issues can find results like her patients have.

She has mainly worked with patients with multiple sclerosis, but she says she has seen integrative medicine work wonders on people with a range of problems like pain, insomnia, anxiety and others.

Weigel says her book is not a challenge. It’s supposed to be easy and give you something not to do... to not stress.

You can find her book in several local stores like Rosie True boutique in Jacksonville Beach. You can also find her book on Amazon.

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