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Choosing Life; Changing the way we see obesity

Annie Hammock who lost 150 pounds following weight loss surgery has a message for people who unfairly target others who are overweight.

Throughout the week on Good Morning Jacksonville Julie Dahlin shared her weight loss journey. She underwent bariatric surgery in November, 2019 at Memorial Hospital.

Dahlin started out at 525 pounds and has lost more than 90 pounds so far. She opened up about the challenges of getting the weight off and keeping it off. But there's an even bigger issue at hand, which is changing the way we as a society see obesity and how we treat people who are overweight.

FCN employee Annie Hammock opened up on social media about her battle with obesity. She once weighed 300 pounds and recalls just how vicious people can be.

“I was sitting at a restaurant, I eat by myself quite a bit I treat myself and I hate to cook,” said Hammock. “This person came up to me out of the blue and leaned over and said you look like you could skip a few meals. I don't know who you are. Why do you feel like you have to come up to me and make this horribly disparaging remark about my size? You don't know me. I was so shocked that I left. I went to my car and I sobbed."

Hammock says she was directly targeted several times because of her weight. A former co-worker even called her a “fat cow.” Biases in our society can contribute to people's weight gain.

It adds to what many struggle with the which is self-loathing, making them seek comfort at times in food and triggering the very behavior you’re making fun of. She asks that people keep that in mind when you interact with someone who is overweight.