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Girl Power Flag Football team hyped up for Jaguars playoffs

Since its first year last year, Coach Squats says Girl Power NFL Flag Football in Ponte Vedra has doubled in size.

PONTE VEDRA, Fla — Saturday is all about the Jacksonville Jaguars, but on Sunday football is for the girls. 

That's when it's 'game on' for the Girl Power NFL Flag Football team in Ponte Vedra. The team is hyped up for their game and for the playoffs.

"It's their favorite sport," said Coach Squats, founder and head coach. "They love it. They can't get enough of it." 

Since its first year last year, Coach Squats says Girl Power Flag Football has doubled in size. They now with 300 first- through eighth-graders.

"It's such an exciting thing to be a part of," said Coach Squats. "And just to see how excited they are about it and how good and how athletic they are and how they all come together and just compete and they're on fire. And it's like I said, it's the absolute best part of my week." 

Coach Squats says it's all about giving an opportunity to the girls that didn't exist in the sport until recently. His three daughters are on the team. 

"I just love now having three daughters, that bond that football brings to my family," he said. "I love to see that spread to other families and their daughters. That connection, that bond because not only are they playing football and they want to throw the football with Dad in the backyard and they want to learn about the game, they want to go to the games and they want to watch the games."

His 11-year-old Mya says she used to play football with the boys.

"My favorite thing about Girl Power Flag Football is being able to play my favorite sport with all my friends," Mya said.

The girls are big Jags fans and wore their Jags shirts to practice Wednesday. Coach Squats says the Jags are involved in a lot of what they do.

"The Jaguars have been so great," he said. "They've been so involved. They want to see the growth and the success of the league and give these girls the opportunity on their own platform to compete at this level, hopefully at the high school level, potentially the collegiate level and some point the Olympic level."

Now the girls and the Jags not only share the love of the game, but the love of playing it on the field.

"You can see how excited the girls get and they love football," Coach Squats said. "They love the Jags and let's get it."

You can bet they'll be cheering on the Jags Saturday, but on Sunday our Jaguars had better be rooting for them.

Learn how to get involved with Girl Power Flag Football here.

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