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The sweat is back! Fitness lovers jump into classes as gyms, fitness centers reopen

The first class back at Training for Warriors Julington Creek was busy with people eager to work out.

For the first time in months, people were sweating dark and early at gyms and fitness centers across Florida the first day they're allowed to reopen.

Gyms are part of the "full phase one" reopening Monday and can operate at 50 percent capacity. The 5:15 a.m. class at Training for Warriors Julington Creek was busy. Their classes can only have 15 people, though classes would normally have 30.

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Equipment is no longer shared during exercises and between each exercise, it's wiped down thoroughly. 

Coach Colin Woodmansee, who owns the fitness center with his brother, says one of the biggest challenges has been showing everyone they're doing everything they can to keep their gym clean. They've done Facebook Lives to show gym-goers what to expect.

Their fitness center held online classes but people say they're glad to be back in the gym. There was a lot of energy at the morning classes Monday, though Woodmansee says there won't be any high fives for a while.

Retail stores, museums, and libraries can also now operate at 50 percent capacity.

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