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First Coast News' hall of fame & shame moments in Jaguars' history

With the first home pre-season game Friday night coinciding with the first time a Jaguars player made the Hall of Fame, we are making our own fame and shame list.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Real Jaguars fans know the rollercoaster the team has taken people on over the years. 

In 2022, the team finally got their first player into the Hall of Fame. For that reason, we are getting pumped up for the first home pre-season game with our very own hall of fame and hall of shame! 

Here’s our Jacksonville Jaguars’ top 5 hall of fame moments!

5. Jalen Ramsey. 

We do miss his chaotic energy. Whether it was his twitter roasts of fellow players or showing up to the stadium in a Brinx truck, he gave us something to talk about!

4. Jaxson De Ville! 

Whether he is sky diving or streaking the field, the Jaguars mascot was voted the best mascot in the NFL in 2014.

3. Trevor Lawrence 2021 play

If one impressive play happened in the 2021 season, it was this. Trevor Lawrence threw to Marvin Jones to make a touch down in last year’s Colts game. Just beautiful.

2. The 2017 season! 

Fans still talk about it to this day. The Jags beat the Steelers 45 to 42 in the 2017 AFC Divisional Game. They may not have made it to the Super Bowl, but it was the Jags most reason most successful season.

1. Tony Boselli.

We had to give the top spot to the man, the myth, the legend and now the hall of famer! Tony Boselli became the first Jacksonville Jaguars player to make it into the Hall of Fame.

Unfortunately, we can't end here. The Jaguars have had their moments. Welcome to the hall of shame! 

5. The blackout of 2009. 

This is maybe more embarrassing than shameful. So few fans showed up to the games in the 2009 season that the team had seven of their eight regular season home games blacked out on local TV. 

This is no longer a rule but back then, there was an NFL rule, in order for a home game to be televised in a team's market, all non-premium tickets must be sold within 72 hours of kickoff.

4. The entire 2020 season. 

I’m sorry about this one. The Jags had 15 losses which was a record for them.

3. London! 

I'm sure it’s good for making money, but fans seem to have a bad taste in their mouth for the games across the pond. One reason is because they lose a home game. 

In 2022, they face the Denver Broncos on October 30th.

2. When Urban Meyer did not know who several star NFL players were.

The story came out after Meyer was no longer coach, but the incident seemingly occurred during his short stint as head coach. Among a list of claims of a toxic environment while he was with the Jaguars, an article from TheAthletic.com reported that Urban Meyer did not know who the Rams Aaron Donald was nor 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel or Seahawks safety Jamal Adams.

You knew there would be an Urban moment on this list, right? Well how about 2. 

1. Urban Meyer is also taking the number one spot with the drama in Ohio.

"Yeah I just apologized to the team and staff for being a distraction. I explained everything that happened and owned it. It was stupid and I should not have had myself in that position," Meyer said in an apology after video surfaced of him and a woman, who is not his wife, in a bar in Ohio.

Let's just say, he was fire 2 months later. 

The team is now in their Doug Pederson era and with that, we hope for 5 more hall of fame moments and some major wins this season.

Trevor Lawrence will be playing in the pre-season home opener on August 12th giving us a glimpse at the star's potential in his second year in the NFL.


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