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First Coast Foodies: 'Melt' with us at Patty Shack food truck!

"This is a serious sandwich," said Heidi Heinrich. "We've actually had this break a spatula."

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — Hey Foodies! If you haven't tried the Patty Shack food truck yet, get ready for your heart to melt!

"This is a serious sandwich," said Heidi Heinrich. "We've actually had this break a spatula."

The sandwich she's talking about is the Blackbeard. It's one of their signature sandwiches.

"The Blackbeard, which is two meats, three cheeses, three slices of bread with our homemade buffalo sauce, bacon jam, grilled onions, jalapenos," said Heinrich. "It's kind of everything but the kitchen sink. It's a lot of ingredients, but it's good. It'll fill you up."

First Coast Foodies can attest to that! Other Patty favorites include the Patrick, which is their take on a Reuben, the Patty's Favorite and Calico Jack, which are like the Blackbeard but with fewer ingredients, and the Treasure Island, which has similar ingredients but served between lettuce leafs

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Everything is served with tater tots.

"You can get a burger a lot of places but you can't necessarily get a patty melt," Heinrich said.

If you're wondering what the difference is between a patty melt and a burger, here's Heinrich's son Andrew Coleman's explanation.

"A patty melt is like a good combination between a grilled cheese and a cheeseburger," Coleman said.

Patty is the name of their flamingo mascot, who wears a pirate hat on their food truck.

"All of our menu items are actually named after pirates or pirate terms," Heinrich said.

That's why their loaded tater tots are named 'pieces of eight.' 

Patty Shack has been around for just over a year and the family behind the melts couldn't say enough good things about the First Coast food truck community.

"It's like the food truck community is one giant family and they've made us feel very welcome," said Matt Meyers.

After all, this is how Heinrich describes owning a food truck: "That was the dream!"

Find Patty Shack's location on their Facebook here.

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